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Division Name:  Tazewell County   

School Name:  Dudley Primary                                                     

Date:  May 28, 2020

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Component 1 §1114(b) (6):  

     A comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school that takes into account information on the academic achievement of children in relation to the         challenging  state academic standards, particularly the needs of those children who are failing, or are at-risk of failing, to meet the challenging state academic standards and any other actors as determined by the local educational agency.   This year 2019-2020 62.06 % qualified to receive free and reduced lunch at Dudley Primary.The unemployment rate  as of  May 1, 2020 is 5.6% for Tazewell County. The poverty level for Tazewell County is at 18.2% Due to the limited resources available to parents, and lack of parental support, students are entering school at a lower educational level.  Many students now come from single parent homes, dysfunctional families and are being raised by the grandparents.

            Test data from our scores indicate that economically disadvantaged students at Dudley Primary School struggle to find success on the criterion referenced (PALS ) tests more frequently than other subgroups. Dudley Primary does meet SOL standards through the scores of Graham Intermediate School of which Dudley Primary is the main feeder to that school. 

Chronic absenteeism also plays a factor in poor student performance. Dudley Primary went from 16% to 22% in 2018 to 2019 school year. Dudley Primary School did not make AYP in attendance in 2018-2019. Our goal will be to decrease this number during the 2020-2021 school year with incentives and attendance programs developed in attendance committee meetings.

                In 2019-2020 Tazewell County schools did not use  MAP testing.  However, after careful consideration and seeing the need for a nationally normed assessment TCPS will use it during 2020-2021 in grades (K-2) Students will be placed in workshops and receive additional support and remediation based on MAP Testing , Comprehensive Instructional Program (CIP), PALS and MAP testing in the fall of 2021.Students will be placed in workshops and receive additional support and remediation based on MAP testing, benchmarks, Comprehensive Instructional Program (CIP), PALS and other testing evaluations approved by Tazewell County Schools. Students will be evaluated by these different forms of testing data to determine   areas of weakness for remediation. Dudley Primary will utilize its classroom teachers, Title I Teacher, Special Education Teachers, Title I Aides and Developmental Assistants to assist in these workshops. 

     Upon completion of the PALS screener, workshop groups are developed based upon these scores. The lower the scores the smaller the workshop group will be. All students that score under the 20th percentile on two consecutive tests will also receive an additional hour of instruction in a small group of six or less called Direct Instruction.  Any child below the 20th percentile on one test will receive PALS and small groups remediation provided by aides, para-professionals, and developmental assistants.

   Midyear testing occurs in December, MAP data, benchmark data, and PALS  scores will determine  new student placement based upon student needs. All grade levels will meet and fill-out the required paperwork for workshop changes. Once the workshop changes are reviewed and approved by Mrs. Boyd, students will be regrouped again based on this data.

             In 2017-2018 second grade students began taking Comprehensive Instructional Program (CIP) benchmark tests. The CIP is a consortium of public school divisions in Virginia working collaboratively to improve student achievement.  Students take benchmark tests in each grade starting in the second grade. Each benchmark is based on the SOL’s reviewed during that nine weeks. The CIP is designed to help instructors by providing lesson plansactivities, and assessments that are highly aligned to Virginia's Standards of Learning in content and rigor.  CIP data is also a good predictor of which students will pass\fail sol’s in the future.   Dudley Primary will utilize its classroom teachers, Title I Teacher, Special Education Teachers,   Title I Aides and Developmental Assistants to assist with remediation and workshop grouping based on CIP data.

    The data below shows the pass rate of second grade students on three CIP tests in both reading and math. Students must score 70% or higher  to pass each  test.

                                                                                           2018-2019 CIP Data




Reading 84%

Reading 85%

Reading 91%

Math 94%

Math 92%

Math 72%

                                                                                                2019-2020 CIP Data

CIP 1 


Awaiting official results

CIP 3 (Testing was not conducted due to schools being closed on March13th.) COVID 19

Reading 86%


Math 88%


PALS- Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening

The Commonwealth of Virginia provides the Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS), as a tool of Virginia’s Early Intervention Reading Initiative, which was established in 1997. It is used by 99% of school districts in Virginia on a voluntary basis. PALS consists of three instruments: PALS Pre-K (for preschool students), PALS-K (for kindergarten), and PALS 1-2 (for students in Grades (1-2). PALS assessments are designed to identify students in need of additional reading instruction beyond what is provided to typical developing readers. PALS screening takes place at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. 

Three Year Data Comparison



End of Year

Fall 2019


Kindergarten students identified




1st Grade students identified




2nd Grade students identified








Dudley Primary will utilize our PALS instructors for all students who identified in PALS for remediation. They will receive 30 minutes daily small group PALS instruction. Due to COVID 19 Pandemic all Virginia schools closed on March 13th for the school year. We will conduct Spring PALS testing in 2019-2020.


      In 2019-2020, Kindergarten also began VKRP (Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program) This program builds a more comprehensive understanding of school readiness and success. VKRP measures  math, self-regulation , and social skills. Students are tested in both fall and spring . VKRP includes online and in-person training, skill strategy guides, and activities to support students learning.


Percentage that Benched with a score of 15

Fall 2019

65 of 95 passed (63%)

Spring 2020

No testing due to schools closing on March 13th (COVID 19)

The 30 students who did not pass receive remediation from PALS, Title I, and professional devel

Dudley Primary conducted a survey in May of 2020 and 78 surveys from parents were returned 

Dudley Primary Parent Survey Results for 2019-2020 School Year

Dudley Primary received 77 surveys total in May of 2020.

. Total Number YES NO

  • I understand the services provided by school-wide Title I. 72             5
  •  I have had opportunities to be involved at Dudley Primary. 77   0
  •  Dudley Primary has provided help, information, or resources for my child. 77   0 
  • I have attended a Title I Parent and Family Engagement Meeting. 39          38
  • I have read and understand the DPS Title I School-Parent Compact 70            7

( This packet was sent home in September and all parents were to sign and return the last page of the booklet.)

  • I feel that Dudley Primary has high expectations for my child. 76              1
  • I feel knowledgeable about the school’s curriculum. 70              7
  • My child receives additional academic help when needed. 72              5
  • I feel that my child has made adequate progress this school year. 70              7
  • The school provides our family with a variety of events. 73              4
  • I have attended school events this year. 67     10
  • I am willing to participate in school planning such as: 35             42

What would you like to see offered from Dudley Primary School for the 2019-2020 school year?

More school events parties, dances etc.

Continuing education packets throughout the summer

Maybe more evening parent and student learning activities for new material.

Mental health awareness for children  and behavioral management, techniques, and communication skills

Math resources and workshops 


School Improvement Needs Assessment for Classroom Teacher Results

The 14 classroom teachers at Dudley completed the survey below.

  • When considering your student achievement results across your school, what works?

Workshop, small group remediation, DI, PALS

PALS as well as VKRP

Small groups working with a teacher.

reteaching, homework practice, computer IXL practice, weekly test,and cumulative tests

Coordinated effort of grade level, small group instruction, daily review,

Consistency, less interruption in instructional day, flexibility


  • In your opinion, what needs to be improved to increase student achievement in your classroom and school?

More one-on-one time and small group instruction.

Small group remediation, more pull out and push into the classroom

Additional planning time once a week for grade level planning. We just do not have enough time to collaborate.

Smaller group instruction w/pull outs during the day in academic areas when needed

More time to assess students individually due to our large class size

I think when students are struggling they should be able to get help. I don’t think we can say they don’t qualify.

  • As you think about your student achievement in your grade level team, what long term planning or ideas do you have for supporting higher student achievement?

I will continue small group instruction and continually review skills.

Small group remediation, push in and pull out in the classroom, new technology opportunities

We need to work as a team to be creative for enrichment for above level learners within the classroom and whole group setting.

Our team needs to devote time to planning and meeting. Each student needs technology support for home use.

Building on skills with more emphasis on small groups

Getting MAP testing back in schools is a student and teacher motivator. I'm looking forward to having this back in the classroom.

weekly time for grade collaboration, more devices for at home study


  •  What instructional intervention is most successful in your classroom?

Small group and one-on-one instruction.

Small group remediation, workshop, push in and pull out

Direct Instruction and classroom small group learning.

Pull back strugglers to reteach and monitor practice

Remediation in Math as well as Reading


  • What is your greatest professional development need?

More technology for students to use at home and more training for staff.


Based on the survey above from the parents and teacher surveys, Mrs. DeGray addressed the following issues with the Parent and Family Engagement Committee. After meeting with parents and teachers to discuss the survey, the team decided to send home a brief detailed letter about Family Engagement Meetings and how they are for ALL students in the school. We will send this letter after all required forms from the school have already been distributed. We will attach this letter to the Parent Compact with a list of dates and time of all meetings.   Dudley will also have a Kindergarten Parent Meeting during K-Camp. Mrs. DeGray will speak with parents to answer any questions or concerns. She will go over workshops and distribute sound\spelling cards that follow our curriculum. Parents will be made aware of how and what their child is learning using these alphabet letters and sound cards. In 2020 -2021 we also plan to do reading and math remediation/ enrichment in small groups in the afternoon with the help of Title I teacher, developmental assistants, and support staff. Staff members will be training on google and all of its features and begin incorporating them into their classrooms. They will take online classes and tutorials so they are ready to begin in fall of 2020.

Based on the  survey conducted  by District Title I , Dudley will hold workshops and meetings in the evenings to better accommodate working parents. These workshops will be held during the day as well, but parents will now also have the option to attend after work if needed. The district is looking into providing a mobile unit that will travel to homes and provide resources and materials to all families. This will be finalized in July of 2020 after the budget is approved for the county.

Dudley Primary will continue to use an Effective School-wide Discipline Plan (ESD) to reward and encourage positive behavior. The school will develop an ESD committee with both parents and teachers to brainstorm incentives and goals for students to work toward. These rewards will be based on their behavior not only in the classroom but throughout the entire building. The school plans to monthly reward the students with some type of school-wide activity. These rewards will be the same for all grades. 

Budget Implications:  Dudley Primary will utilize the resources of:

  •  MAP, PALS, benchmarks,  and CIP data
  • Dudley Primary classroom teachers -will  plan and teach math and reading workshops
  • PALS Tutors -will push in to the classroom and assist with Math and reading workshop for 60 minutes  and provide PALS tutoring to those students who are identified based on the PALS test.
  • Developmental Assistants -will push in to the  classroom and assist with Math and reading workshop for 60 minutes
  • Special Education Teachers- will push in and pull out students for math and reading workshops 60 minutes
  • Title I Teacher will  create intervention and remediation lesson plans as well as push in and pull out students for math and reading workshops 60 minutes
  • Title I Aides- will use teacher lesson plans to instruct reading and math workshops 
  • Para-Professionals will use teacher lesson plans to instruct reading and math workshops
  • Direct Instruction Staff- Will provide one additional hour of reading remediation using  the Reading Mastery Series 
  • Title Teachers, classroom teachers, and PTO- will work collaboratively on Parental Involvement Meetings so that all parents will feel comfortable attending.
  • Will work monthly with the (ESD) Committee to brainstorm and develop rewards and incentives for students with good behavior.

  • Bluefield Transit will be utilized as an alternative form of transportation to Parent and Family Engagement Meetings.

  • P.T. O.  approved volunteers will provide child care during Parent and Family Engagement Meetings.


Staff members will meet during the Fall, Winter and Spring to review  MAP, PALS, and  CIP test scores and target areas of weakness. Grade levels will meet in groups to analyze math data after each cumulative and chapter tests are given in the classroom. These results will direct lesson planning and how to better meet the needs of the students. 

Title I will keep sign in sheets at each meeting to review how parents are responding to the new Parental Involvement Program. Parents will complete surveys after each meeting so that we are able to make adjustments and arrangements to better meet the needs of the students and the parents. Teachers will keep an attendance sheet of those students who attend ESD activities in the school. The teachers will look at the data to see if this plan is working and promoting positive behavior in all students. Teachers will target those students who are not attending due to poor behavior and develop classroom strategies that can help the child be successful in the EDS program.




Component 2 §1114(b)(7)(A)(i): 

Provide a description of schoolwide reform strategies that provide opportunities for all children, including each of the subgroups of students (as defined in section 1111(c)(2)) to meet the challenging state academic standards

Budget Implications: 

Dudley Primary will utilize the resources of:

    •  MAP, Benchmark , PALS, and CIP data
    • Dudley Primary Classroom Teachers -will  plan and teach math and reading workshops
    • PALS Tutors -will push in classroom and assist with Math and reading workshop for 60 minutes  and provide PALS tutoring to those students who are identified based on the PALS test.
    • Developmental Assistants -will push in classroom and assist with Math and reading workshop for 60 minutes
    • Special Education Teachers- will push in and pull out students for math and reading workshops 60 minutes
    • Title I Teacher will  create intervention and remediation lesson plans as well as push in and pull out students for math and reading workshops 60 minutes
    • Title I Aides-  will use teacher lesson plans to instruct reading and math workshops 
  • Para-Professionals will  use teacher lesson plans to instruct reading and math workshops
  • Direct Instruction Staff- Will provide one additional hour of reading remediation using  the Reading Mastery Series
  • Title Teachers, classroom teachers, and PTO- will work collaboratively on Parent and Family Engagement Meetings 


Teachers will meet in grade groups weekly and compare testing data such as fluency reads, language cumulative tests, and unit benchmarks. Teachers will work together to determine areas of strength and weakness in lesson planning and work collaboratively in designing data- driven lesson plans. Teachers will share resources and techniques they are finding to be successful in the classroom. 

Title I teachers will bi-weekly analyze direct instruction lesson gains charts and testing data to see students and instructors areas of strengths and weakness.

Computer Resource Teacher will print monthly reports of Reading Eggs and Math Seeds for teachers so that they can closely monitor each student’s progress in both programs.

Component 3 §1114(b)(7)(ii):  

Provide a description of schoolwide reform strategies that use methods and instructional strategies that strengthen the academic program in the school; increase the amount and quality of learning time; and help provide an enriched and accelerated curriculum, which may include programs, activities, and courses necessary to provide a well-rounded education.

Dudley Primary teachers will be regularly involved in professional development throughout the year. The staff development committee will plan professional development opportunities based on test data analysis derived from the PALs and MAP testing.  Teachers will be surveyed for ideas or topics they feel will enhance their learning and teaching.  

Mrs. Boyd or Mrs. DeGray (Building DI Coach) will provide on-site coaching, models lessons, and debriefing sessions with the teachers and aides who teach the Direct Instruction classes. Mrs. Boyd or Mrs. DeGray will also check data notebooks, and review groupings to make the necessary changes. Written summaries are provided with administrative assignments and look-fors between visits. Title I Teachers will now be responsible for checking data notebooks, observing Direct Instruction classes, and provide summaries and assignments for instructors to use in their classes. 

Teachers at each grade level will have a common planning time to meet and develop plans which are data driven.  The principal also meets during this time to review plans, look at data and discuss student progress or problems in instruction.  We will continue to use the most updated pacing guides and curriculum maps to make needed changes in planning and instruction.

Direct Instruction is a small group Tier 2 intervention. Direct Instruction is an additional 60 minutes of intensive, scripted focused reading instruction outside the reading block.  Support staff and teachers will  receive on-going training on the Reading Mastery model of Direct Instruction as needed

Students in grades K-2 will spend up to 20 minutes daily in a computer-based reading program, Reading Eggs, Reading Express, and Math Seeds which allows them to progress at their own rate on their level.  Students in the Pre-Kindergarten class room will have an   allotted time in the computer lab each day as well. The Pre-K class also has tablets in the classroom for students to use for remediation in both math and reading.

An additional computer lab is available in the upstairs area of the building. This lab will be available to all grade levels for additional computer use, but will mainly accommodate second grade for CIP testing and review sessions.

The Title I room will provide a mobile lab with 25 tablets.  These tablets will be loaded with remediation and enrichment educational apps to help meet the needs of all students in both reading and math.  

Students Served by Title I Staff Members are served in areas of workshop and Direct Instruction. These numbers and students are constantly changing as needed throughout the year. These groups are now used for enrichment purposes as well as remediation. 

All students can be served by Title I Teachers and the resources provided by the program


Number of Students Served  in  2016-2017

Number of Students Served in May 2017-2018

Number of Students Served in May 2018-2019

Number of Students Served in May 2019-2020
















Total Number 






Number of Students Served in Direct Instruction/ Remediation  in 2018-2019


Officially  Receiving DI Services

At-Risk Students Receiving Remediation 















DI Services are provided to all students who score below the 20th percentile on two consecutive PALS tests.

  • When personnel resources are available, we also provide Remediation to our Watch-list and At-Risk Students.



Number of Students Served in Direct Instruction/ Remediation 2019-2020


Officially  Receiving DI Services in Fall

Officially Receiving DI in Winter 2020

At-Risk Students Receiving


















Budget Implications: Dudley Primary will utilize the resources below to accomplish school-wide reform strategies.

    • Direct Instruction Teachers
    • MAP  Testing
    • NIFDI (National Institute for Direct Instruction) 
    • Libby Boyd  (Reading Coach for Tazewell County will provide Staff Development in Reading Comprehension
    • Reading Eggs and Reading Seeds will be implemented for remediation 
    • IXL for Remediation and MAP Test Prep
    • Math Seeds will be implemented for remediation 
    • Galaxy Tablets extra mobile lab for teachers to use in their classrooms
  • Title I Teacher will provide Direct Instruction and leveled workshops 
  • Para-Professionals will provide Direct and Instruction and work with classroom teachers during workshops
  • Developmental Assistants will provide Direct Instruction and work with the class room teacher during workshops 
  • PALS Tutors

Benchmark/Evaluation- Title I Teachers will review the numbers of students served by their staff members periodically throughout the year. The teachers will use MAP data, benchmarks, and cumulative tests, formal and informal assessments to see how the needs of the students are being met. Letters will be sent home to parents letting them know who their child’s workshop teacher is and how we are helping them in focused content areas. All DI students will have their progress monitored monthly as well as after every MAP test.  Students who test-out (60%) or higher will be put on a watch-list and closely monitored by the teacher and DI instructor. These students can be pulled in for remediation at any time the parent or teacher feels it to be necessary.



Component 4 §1114(b)(7)(iii):  

          Provide a description of schoolwide reform strategies that address the needs of all children in the school, but particularly the needs those at risk of not meeting the challenging state academic standards.

In the Spring of 2019, The United Methodist Church Organization offered free after school tutoring to struggling students who were not meeting challenging state standards. All volunteers are or were involved in the public-school system and were background checked and followed the mandated laws of TCPS volunteers and its policy. Student went to tutoring for one hour each week after school at no cost to the parent. In 2020 we hope to offer this program again as well as after school tutoring with our staff as budget implications are approved in June of 2020.            

Family Preservation Services are available to assist students and families with mental health needs.  A Family Preservation person is housed in our building to provide additional support to identified students. A summer day program is also provided for this group of students in order to continue needed support. TASK provides support during the summer for special needs students.

Dudley Primary offers a full day preschool program for 18 students through the Virginia Preschool Initiative.  The Preschool program uses the academic-based curriculum known as Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning. 

         In 2020 Family Engagement meetings will be held four times throughout the school year. We will have one meeting in the summer during August K-Camp where all students in attendance will receive materials and resources to use at home such as alphabet cards, sound spelling cards, and math flash cards. The next meeting will be in October for all parents where will we discuss the 2019-2020 Parent Compact and address any questions or concerns with parents during that time. Parents and students in attendance will receive books for building at home libraries and a light snack.  Dudley Primary will have a Book Fair Family Bingo in April where students will play BINGO and the chance to win a book from the book fair. All of those in attendance will receive a light meal of pizza and drinks. In May our second grade students will have a breakfast and poetry readings with their parents to celebrate their last year at Dudley Primary. All meetings are put on the school newsletter at the beginning of each month and students receive an invite and reminders of each upcoming meeting and event. Pre-K will also participate in these meetings in addition to the meetings they have yearly.

In 2018-2019 our Pre-K program implemented TOOLS of the MIND.  This program focuses on student self-regulation and teacher/student quality interactions.  Tons of hands-on activities are used and incorporated to promote language between the students.  They also learn to solve problems by playing in real life simulated theme units.  These units change every 6 weeks and implement the following categories of learning: Family, Grocery, Hospital/Doctor, Pet/Vet, and Community Helpers.

In order to promote parental involvement, the Pre- K program holds three parent meeting sessions in the fall, winter, and spring. Parents participate and receive educational materials to be used at home in conjunction with what we are working on at school. This program goes along with the new reading series Wonders  and focuses on rhyming, identifying beginning and ending sounds in words, letter sounds, and blends. The Phonemic Awareness component in this program will be used as remediation for students who were identified on PALS and struggle to master checkpoints throughout the year. The teacher will pull these struggling students three times a week during the day for additional reading support.  These programs are both overall reading readiness curriculums. The Preschool Parental Involvement Program will also meet three times (fall, winter, and spring) per year with parents to discuss attainable and targeted goals in reading, math, and social/emotional growth.  Parents and students who attend receive a variety of resources such as: games, puzzles, books, flashcards, and materials to use at home during holidays and snow days. This year these meetings will be held in October, April, and May.

The privately-operated preschools, Bland Street, Westminster, Montessori, and Head Start will visit the regular Kindergarten classrooms in May, as a part of kindergarten orientation. Kindergarten orientation will offer students an opportunity to see the school function during a regular day. The students will meet the staff, school nurse, and administrators. They will take a tour of the building to see classes in session.  Each group will also participate in a short activity in the classrooms. Rising Kindergarten students will be invited to Kindergarten Kamp for one week before school begins.   During “K-Kamp” students will have the opportunity to learn the building, make new friends and learn procedures without the stress of the entire student body present.  Students will go through an abbreviated schedule that includes singing, stories, playtime, snacks, social games and activities.  This half-day, weeklong camp will be taught and directed by highly qualified teachers.  Parents will be mailed in the summer to have them sign up for the camp. There is no charge for the program.  This program has been successful and will continue to be scheduled each year.

Second Grade Transition

              During May of each year a transition day is scheduled where second grade students, teachers, and parents visit Graham Intermediate School for the morning.  Upon arrival at the school, fifth grade students will provide a tour of the building.  Students will visit in the third grade classrooms and meet the teachers.  Everyone then reports to the gym where Mrs. Buckner and the teachers discuss with the students and parents academic expectations for the third grade. The fifth grade choral group will then perform a variety of songs for entertainment. This also gives Mr. Elliott an opportunity to explain about this choral group and how to become a member. Refreshments are served at the conclusion of the visit. In September of each year, second and third grade teachers along with the principals from both schools will have a vertical alignment meeting.  This allows an opportunity to view and discuss scores and areas of strength and weakness.  Based on fall data of the third grade students, Dudley teachers will meet to plan, revise, and review instructional practices. Needed changes will be implemented to help meet instructional needs in reading and math.  This second grade transition will continue each year.

  Tazewell County Public Schools partners with the Federal Head Start program to support the early intervention classes.  The agencies work as a single point to place four-year-old students in Head Start and TCPS Pre-Kindergarten programs.  The Head Start program sends teachers to Dudley Primary to observe the Kindergarten curriculum yearly. The Preschool Family Engagement Program will continue to be implemented in the Pre-K program.

Eleven years ago , the Elgin Foundation provided Tazewell County with the adoption of a reading program and a scripted Reading Mastery program. The Foundation also provides professional development through training and visits for both teachers and administrators. They have established the Reading Foundation of Appalachia, which promotes reading to children 20 minutes daily from birth to support our reading goal of all students at the 90th percentile by the 3rd grade. Read 20 minutes every day is also printed on local libraries checkout papers. The Elgin group also provides a dental component with the grant to screen students and correct poor dental health. TCPS will adopt a new reading series in 2020-2021 called Wonders. Teachers will receive staff development and training with the new series in the summer of 2020.

Multiple outside agencies from the community work with our students throughout the school year.   Programs such as “These Hands are Not for Hitting”, and “Good Touch/Bad Touch” are provided to all grade levels. Local dentists, who are also parents, provide programs on good dental health and hygiene. The local bank provides a program for second grades on saving money. The local garden club provides sunflower seeds each year to all first grade students and sponsors a sunflower growing contest.  Sunflowers are brought back in the fall and measured. Various prizes and gift cards are given to the winners. 

Presently we are working with a group to participate in the “Blessings in a Backpack” next year for twenty to thirty students depending upon the funding. This program is set to continue throughout the 2019-2020 school year.

Budget Implications: Dudley Primary will utilize the following resources to meet the needs of component 4 in this plan.

  • Family Preservation
  • Mrs. Buckner and Graham Intermediate School
  • Head Start
  • Wonder Reading Series
  • Reading Foundation of Appalachia
  • Local Garden Club
  • Local Social Services Agencies
  • United Methodist Church Organization
  • Blessings in a Backpack
  • Locals preschools
  • Local dentists
  • K-Kamp 
  • Parent and Family Engagement Committee of Dudley Primary 
  • Tazewell County Public Library

Benchmark/ Evaluation:

Teacher will meet with on-site Family Preservation Counselor to monitor student performance and progress in the classroom. 

The teachers will also hold vertical alignment meetings during the year incorporating Graham Intermediate School to discuss data on MAP and benchmark testing. 

Kindergarten teachers will meet yearly with Head Start and collaboratively plan goals and pacing guides. 

Preschool Parental Involvement will keep sign-in sheets of each meeting to see how responsive parents are to each meeting. A survey will be given asking parents for feedback and suggestions on how to better help them and their children.  

This plan will be updated during the 2020-2021 school year. This plan is written in an easily readable format and will be reviewed and revised throughout the school year. It is a working document and will be made available to the public and posted on the school website. The committee and team will meet in fall, winter, and spring each school year to review the plan and make an addendum or corrections to best meet the needs of the school and students.

                                                                Name of Parents, Students, and Staff Involved in the Policy Development Process


Title/ Position

Ashlee DeGray

Title I Teacher

Susan Maupin


Kristina Welch

Elementary Education Supervisor

Sharon Altice

Kindergarten Teacher

Natalie Perdue

First Grade Teacher

Cindy Bailey

Second Grade Teacher

Becky Spencer

Pre-K Teacher

Mandy Blevins

Kindergarten Parent

Courtney Cundiff

Kindergarten Parent

Katie Tinder

First Grade Parent

Lisa French

First Grade Parent

Brooke Mulkey

First Grade Parent

Crystal Nunley

First Grade Parent

Kelli Berry

Second Grade Parent

Kara Quick

Second Grade Parent

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